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Also available the lease mode 3,6,12,24 mounth. Multiple windows both in 2D or 3D view with any camera angle can be opened at the same time and will be updated in real-time. Position and rotation parameters of objects and cameras on the virtual stage can be controlled via DMX. The equipment can be moved freely in the 3D space via the connected grandMA2 console. GrandMA 3D is free. Features include realistic-looking fixtures, photometric rays and gobo visualization, fixture constructor, video inputs, animated objects, animated fog, customizable 3D libraries.

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Software updates are free of charge for life. The realism and speed are the best in the industry. First up in v56 are new functions for fixtures, including precise 3D volume Focus calculations for beams and beam footprints, accurate Frost calculation covering the complete range of depth for LED modules, Gobo Edge abilities, Objective Mapping for Shapes RGB rings, segments, etc. Lightwright 6 help designers and electricians record and keep track of the vast amount of data needed to install and maintain a lighting installation.

As the lighting world has increased in complexity due to the proliferation of moving lights and LEDs, the organizational demands on lighting designers, design assistants, and electricians has continued to grow. Lightwright 6, for the first time, fulfills a longtime industry dream of controlling the flow of lighting data from design to console without needing to enter data multiple times by hand, while documenting up to 45, universes of data. Inside dozens of other new features for lighting users, including a built in label maker.

To organize their shows and to provide easy identification of gear, production electricians carefully label everything, including lights, cables, breakouts, power supplies, dimmer racks, and data distribution gear.

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It combines drawing a light plot with editing information associated with graphic objects in the drawing, and it is able to produces reports by linking the graphics, attached data, and additional databases related to the properties of these objects. The software is totally free and available as a native application on Mac OS X.

MagicVis is a powerful visualisation system fully integrated with ChamSys free MagicQ software to enable lighting designers to pre-visualise their shows, to program blind and to automatically generate rigging paperwork including plots and patch lists. MagicVis is also available as a stand alone MagicVis application which can be run on a laptop or desktop computer connected via network to a MagicQ console.

Just start the MagicVis app and it will find the MagicQ console and synchronise with the show file. MSD 6 is available in two versions: Realizzer 3D is one of best realistic real-time lighting simulator.

Studio DMX, real time 3D viewer software

It allows you to create photo realistic designs and instantly view your light show on your PC. The software has a comprehensive library with many 3D models included such as Truss and more. With the Pro, Ultimate and Studio versions you have also the possibility to simulate complete laser and video installations.

Starting with Realizzer Studio you can create highly realistic videos rendered in full HD to present your show designs.

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SoftPlot is a graphical design application specifically for create lighting plots, manage paperwork for all levels of entertainment from theatre to film to TV and is great for students and professionals. SoftPlot makes it easy to drag-and-drop lighting fixtures, trusses, and other elements on the design surface. Working with SoftPlot will greatly increase productivity during design time. SoftPlot will also manage paperwork from gel lists to instrument schedules. Printing is easy with SoftPlot as it can output to any printer or plotter supported by Windows.

Many options are available from color to page sizes.

Your All-in-one Solution

You can also create and print reports of inventory, pattern listings, channel schedules, and others. The package is a complete and well designed product, including sophisticated 2D design and 3D modelling environments, enabling professionals to realise projects ranging from architectural to landscape, to 3D modelling and Lighting Design.

Pro stage lighting design An affordable alternative to big expensive lighting consoles for: Find out more. Light controller for Clubs Fully take advantage of your lights with an easy DMX control system, and let the software play alone a varied show for hours. Architectural lighting Use the power and the ease-of-use of a PC software to program the light scenes, and run them in difficult places outdoors, exhibitor stands, … without the need for a computer.

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