Initialize renderer failed civ 4 mac

I've googled the shit out of this but no dice. That is what I meant. I think this is the issue that is preventing the game from starting. Wine, if you plan to stay in Linux, but if you really want performance, you should dual boot. At least Win7 is a pretty slick OS. Playing a PC game is a massive rarity for me I'll probably not buy another one.

I think I'll just Wine it.

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Thanks very much for the help! Glad to help.

Civ 4 Deity 69 ( Pacal, Isolated ), Part 1

Civ IV is the kind of game that you can play so indefinitely, it can be your only game and still be very satisfying. But this thread seems to imply that with Guest Additions which I have I shouldn't need to. It's also been suggested that I need to install different drivers on my guest machine.

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Having Tech Problems? The subreddit is only for support with tech issues. Fail Section of screen cut off, frame rate too low to be playable. The Longest Journey: Fail Section of screen cut off, no text displayed anywhere. Fallout 2: Fail "Can't initialize input devices" FreeCell: Fail Crashes only with Microsoft's standard error-reporting dialog box.

That's right, FreeCell doesn't run.

Re: Civilization IV(Beyond the sword) crashing on

I'm running Vista Premium. Listing Direct3D support as a major feature of version 3. Fail Giving me a real list of features included in version 3.

Having problems with Civ IV: Beyond the Sword

Fail Making the list of compatible games available before release, or even mentioning that the game support is a small percentage of the games available: Fail Advising people on the not accessible from the main page forums to try to circumvent other publishers' copy protection to get around compatibility issues: Double Plus Extra Fail I'm confident they'll be able to fix the problems eventually, since the company's track record has to make significant improvements in the software very quickly.

But this release was completely botched. And the marketing and support in particular have left a really bad taste in my mouth. SolGrundy , Jun 9, I'm gonna report this in another thread ful of fanboys. Cause I doubt their wad through all these pages. I just tried Pro Evolution Soccer 5 and it seems to run fairly well at default settings apart from the fact that the display is upside down.

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Mac Pro 2. Washu , Jun 9, I just tried out VMware Fusion.

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One can also take a look at the new Unity feature in the new beta, which in my opinion is totally great. Somehow I have the feeling the beta of Fusion is a bit more 'round' than the Parallels 3. I think I missed something. Why is Fusion Unity better than Coherence? I see drop shadows, but that doesn't change my world.

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I don't see any other goodies. AlanH , Jun 9, Hmm, Just installed the 3. Start a free trial today. Pat P Employee June 04, Hi Pat, Thanks for reaching out to us, I am sorry this is not working as expected. We recommend against using our USB graphics adapters for gaming as they do not support many low level 3D acceleration technologies such including many DirectX and OpenGL. Sometimes this can be bypassed by running the games in Windowed mode on the native monitor and dragging the window to the external display however this may result in performance degradation.

[SOLVED] Civilization IV(Beyond the sword) crashing on "init engine"

Another alternative is to disable or disconnect the USB graphics adapter before launching the game. When the game is up and running the external monitor can be reconnected however it will still have performance penalties compared to the native display. Please let me know which USB graphics products you are using and which displays native attached display or USB attached display you are running the game on. Thank you, Pat Plugable Technologies www. Acknowledged In progress Doesn't need answer Answered. Add Image. I'm e.