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Consider installing it for just one user instead. After creating the new directory, try to move the theme again. In addition to the Mac GTK theme, a change of icons is also necessary. There are many different types of Mac-like icon themes, but by far the best one to use is the MacOS icon theme pack. Download the icon pack , and follow our guide to learn how to install icons to Linux.

Be sure to also refer to the links above to learn how to apply the icon theme to your desktop environment. They have GTK3 support, and have the potential to be modern. In addition, these two desktop environments, when paired with the Compton X window compositor, can look modern like Cinnamon does. This will ensure that the dock matches the theme entirely. The fastest way to do this is to make a copy of the plank.

One major thing about Mac OS is the fact that the window control buttons are on the left, rather than the right.

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Each desktop environment is different. In some, you may be able to move the window control position from right to left in appearance settings. In others, commands are necessary.

Install macOS Theme on Ubuntu 18.04 with a Single Script

Please help. Thank you! Gnome All version Remmina application menu extra problematic: I've been trying to increase the shadow around the windows. I like it more pronounced like I've seen in other themes.

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After combing through the gtk. What property affects the window shadow? Thanks again. But the blue lines is a bit annoying. Fixed Firefox and Thunderbird menu and entry bugs Theme parsing error: Not using units is deprecated. Assuming 'px'.

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How to Install OSX-Arc Collection GTK Theme on Linux

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