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But, I do need to be able to paste in html such as Flash etc. Not sure about Komposer but NVU is super easy for making html and inserting flash stuffs as well. You are here: About the Author Hi, I am Sidharth. Full-time blogger. Editor of Blogote. And a self-proclaimed geek! Leave a Comment: Results 1 to 10 of Hi all you mac experts. I AM switching to a new imac shortly and I only have one reservation. I currently use MS frontpage for editing websites, I know it is not the the best but it has done the business for years without any issues.

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Do I purchase parallels and instal FP or find a mac alternative. Can you use iweb? I haven't coded webpages for real in about 5 years so take this in that context. Frontpage will definitely work with Bootcamp and should work with Parallels or VMware. And if you have a bunch of sites coded in FP then you don't have any choice, since there is no FP program for OSX - assuming that one hasn't just come out that I never heard of.

Ten WYSIWYG HTML editors for Mac OS X (Updated)

Now to break for an opinion, FP is a lousy webpage builder for several reasons. Nonstandard, makes bloated code not an exclusive problem FP, however , and just like Word, changes massively everytime MS updates the program. IWeb however, is not a replacement. Or at most, a very lightweight replacement. I tried to build a simple site for a friend with it and it was just too "canned.

However, you aren't going to get server sided pages with it or do anything fancy, just HTML code. Instead of juice boxes or buy windows 7 premium home look for it.

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