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But except for the three 1. Further, I can readily swap drives and video cards, giving the fastest machines better configurations. In my book, the fastest machines should have the most RAM, and I now have two 2. I have four 2. Again the newer machines will have more RAM installed than the older ones, probably 2. One 7,3 will have a Radeon , the other a Pro, and one of the 7,2 machines will also have a Pro.

Apple PowerMac G5 NVIDIA 7800GT Graphics Card Upgrade

The other will have one of four GeForce FX video cards. That takes care of 6 Power Macs. I have two 1. All of these will have GeForce cards, leaving me with three 1. Or, more likely, I will ignore the 1. And the RAM from the 1.

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One of those was a power supply donor, so nothing can be done with it. I will have one working 1. I partition each drive, giving one-third of the space to OS X This lets me choose between Tiger and the possibility of using Classic Mode and Leopard, which is more modern in several ways.

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Two 1. I will have two 1. Once I have everything configured, I plan to sell the 1. I would prefer not to ship if possible, but if you really have your heart set on a Power Mac G5 and are willing to pay to ship it…. This is a very involved project, but I hope to complete it in the coming week. Honestly, for the most part, these sell for a song. If the price is cheap enough and you already have a Power Mac G5, this could be the least expensive way to max out system memory — or migrate to a whole new machine simply by moving your hard drive to your acquisition.

Just be sure to add a copy of TenFourFox for relatively modern browsing on the Internet.

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AGP G5 Video Cards

External Ports Power Mac G5. Share this: Like this: Like Loading Hello folks im back after 3 solid builds and im looking for a challenge The heavens blessed me with a G5 and it is indeed marvelous engineering with breathtaking design but.. I found some weird stuff.. First problem is the Bluetooth isn't working so my shiny new Wireless Apple keyboard isn't useful at the moment. And i need a keyboard for the installation but my Bro got a USB keyboard and hes bringing it tomorrow so that's solved tomorrow i hope so i can finish the setup and to check the specs Yes i know the specs are mindblowing..

I was thinking about a passive AMD or Nvidia or maybe ? Excuse me for my rambling.. Thanks for any information and for the fact Toms haven't kicked me so far..

Thank U Tom's. Dec 28, 1, 0 19, You are in for a rude awakening.

GPU for PowerMac G5 :) | Tom's Hardware Forum

Some people have made a business out of reflashing PC cards with Mac firmware, but I think you'd have problems finding someone still churning out GPUs for a vintage machine. Found a few cards that might work. Looks like your Powermac is AGP: The high end was the Radeon Watch the video connectors Hello imrazor and Thanks i already had a hunchback that it won't work but i thought hey lets try it anyways.

Power Mac G5 Repair - Graphics Video Card Removal

Thanks Tom's and u imrazor have a nice weekend and Happy gaming aye sir! Ah thanks again and that looks exactly like the card that's in my Mac I heard and seen some folks who have an AMD serie in their Macs so maybe that will spice it up a bit. Thanks and after my brother brought a KB with him we will check out the specs of this G5 and work from there Keynotes are. Check type of card and then check gpu's from around that time like Nvidia and AMD If it goes BooM or Pooff..

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